Give me entertainment – “a small voice”

Every Day’s A Sad Religion,  Butterfly

Butterfly’s new music video for, Every Day’s A Sad Religion, is either a fun mess or sloppy satire–with a homeless cyclops and glitchy slow-motion sequences for eye candy–it’s a video you have to watch for yourself https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zT3DrWYNwxw. Download Every Day’s A Sad Religion here.

The Higher Level,  Mick Jagwar

Mick Jagwar makes lovely ambient electronic music with a percussive nuance. With pleasant and interesting textures Mick Jagwar creates worlds to get lost in while smoke around the day or whatever you do. This track in particular, The Higher Level, is so bubbly and ear tickling, it’s wonderful to listen to. Check out more here.

Takeout Session,  Butterfly

On their remarkably short Alaska tour at the end of 2016, Butterfly recorded some live takeout sessions with KSUA, the student run college radio station up there. Here’s a performance of, Been Through Dying, of off Butterfly’s debut album, Broke. Check out more KSUA content here.

Nobody’s Bird, Veil

Veil has been releasing some beautiful summer singles following her debut release, Shadow Living, this single keeps the trend alive with a fragile and ethereal poem blending noise and harmony. Nobody’s Bird is the perfect summer melancholy to roll back on and remember. Check it out here.

the shrimp pod 3

Shrimp Pod 3

The third installment of the Shrimp POD (a surreal podcast about independent Portland music) is absurd and packed with great tunes. Alex Jones makes a surprise guest host along with Rambush and the chaos is hilarious. Be sure to catch the preview for, Pirate 5 Dead Man’s Trailer, starring Jihnny Dip. Check it out here.

Butterfleye Phone Commercial

The Butterfly boys have devised a desperate new merchandising idea, the Butterfleye Phone! Sure the reception is that of an isolated dessert and recent studies show it might make you more susceptible to cancer, but hey, it looks great and these boys need money, they’re really really poor so check out their commercial for the new Butterfleye Phone!

Our Artists




optimistic is the soft hearted render of Forest Bolivar, a talented  force of music. Honest, touching, and catchy his music will warm you up in the best possible way.


veil the band


veil is a sweet vocal-ed girl who blends catchy melodies with shoegazey aesthetics and ear tickling samples. She is entirely self produced and recorded.



Teenage Daydreams

Teenage daydreams is a monument to youth. Often recorded in dire circumstances Teenage Daydreams albums are colorful and evocative shoegaze.



Mick Jagwar

Mick Jagwar creates ambient dance music with an interesting application of percussion: shifting soundscapes with large pulsing synths and intriguing production choices tie together with a very pleasant sense of minimalism and melody.